Join E-Waste Drop Off Companies of America

Participate in E-Waste Drop Off Companies of America program by registering all your shred drop off locations.

PRICE: The price is determined by your market size (click here for census figures).


  • $10 per month if the market is less that 1 Million people
  • $30 per month if the market is between 1 Million and 3 Million
  • $45 per month if the market is between 3 Million and 5 Million
  • The base price includes the listing of up to five of your locations.
  • Add $10 per month for each additional 10 locations.
  • All paid monthly in advance via credit card (see form at the end of this email) .

    Tracking features (slight additional cost)

  • A coupon is set up, such that a visitor can print it and bring it to you for a discount.  Not everyone who prints the coupon will bring it in of course.  You receive an email each time the coupon is printed. Additional fee is $2.00 per month. Please provide the coupon in word or pdf format and I will do the rest. If you want assistance in developing a coupon, it will be provided for a small fee.
  • You receive an email notice each time someone clicks through to your website from your listing on the website.  Addition fee is $2.00 per month.
  • You receive a recording of each call made to you from your listing on the website.  Additional fee is $10.00 per phone month per million people in your market. We will place a special recording 800 number on your listing.  Then each time someone uses that number to call you, we email you a recording of the call on the night the call took place.  No equipment required. No contract required.

    You can drop out at the end of any billing period with no penalty. Call if you have questions - David Murray at 888-634-8105.

    NEXT: Either fill out the form for each location or you can paste the same detail in an email and send it to: [email protected]


    In addition, you must submit your credit card information on the form which you down load by clicking on CREDIT CARD FORM. then fax the form to 866-336-9941.

    E-Mail Form - submit to join

    Promo Code

    Your Listing detail (business name, location of drop off facility, address, etc.)

    Promotional Material (hours, maximums, costs (optional), your website, etc. )

    DESCRIBE OTHER SERVICES YOU PROVIDE (and other associations you may want to join). Do you shred paper, destroy disk drives, product destruction, accept drop off shredding?

    Do you wish to participate in any of the add-ons (please list them, i.e.
    Coupon, Shipping page, Phone Recordings, Emails at click through's)?

    Your Market (Metropolitan areas)

    Your Business Name and Personal Name

    Your email address

    Your phone number

    Please enter the information the way you want your listing to be shown. The way you enter it
    here is how it will be seen on the web site. For example:

    E-Waste Drop Off Business
    Cross Street and Main Street
    Your town, State ZIP

    Call now. Contact (your name) at 888-xxx-xxxx

    Click here for directions

    Drop Off your excess and outdated computers and other electronic items. Keep them out of the landfills.

  • Computers
  • Cell Phones
  • Monitors
  • Disk drives

    See us on the web at

    Thank you for your interest in joining E-Waste Drop Off Companies of America. Someone will be getting back to you soon.

    If you want to talk with someone immediately about joining, call David Murray at 800-239-3814